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Name: niki_howard (Signed) · Date: 29 Sep 2012 1:43 am · For: Don't Do It


Dark I want to know now!!!! Oh and this is Gin-gin. HEY!!! But yeah. This is soo amazing. It's nothing like what you write on HPFF, and exactly like it at the same time. It's so amzing I'm not making any sense!

That cliffy was so evil.

That was below you.

That was brillant and I love/hate you for it.

Again with the not making any sense part.

Can you respond to this like on hpff? I haven't been on this site sinc ehte night I signed up because of school and I know next to nothing about it.

I need to spot eating so much sweets and watching the 5 year engagement.  (I love Emily Blunt.)

I don't know why, i think it's the cookies but Corbin kind of reminds me of Draco. I've haven't been on Hpff in like two months and now I'm on it and Draco/hermione is all I can think about. I think I'm crazy. Darn cookies.

I love there first kiss. It's so cute and annoying and funny and twistedly sweet. I hope they get together. I really do.

Can't wait for chapter 2!

Much love,

niki xoxo

Name: ForgottenPassions (Signed) · Date: 03 Sep 2012 12:09 am · For: Don't Do It


I lam sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for his reasons! I enjoyed getting a lot of the back ground information up front in the first chapter. Can't wait till the next chapter is posted! 

Kate aka ForgottenPassions

Name: Megthechef43 (Signed) · Date: 23 Aug 2012 5:01 pm · For: Don't Do It


It's me again! :)

 Darn it... I really want to know his reasons. I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for his reason and then BAM! Cliffy :'( I digress.

I love Haley and her attitude but what made her want to see Corbin alone if he had made her feel that way after there last time. Why was he in her house? Did he just know she actually had real feelings for him. (I'm just taking a shot in the dark with that one.) I love the back story on her father and how much he meant to her. It is really sweet.

Corbin is great. I had chills when he whispered in her ear at the party. Though my original mental picture of him was Oliver from Smallville. (that's because I'm a Smallville addict and Olie is the playboy.) Tall, dark and handsome(?) also works well.

I can't wait to read about his reasoning for her not to get married.


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