The changes by Raven Incense

Corey lost hope too long ago to know when it's staring him right in the face. Will he notice the changes beginning to surround him, or be dragged into a whirlwind of events before he can even realise what's going on?

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Introduction by Raven Incense

With a yawn, Corey drew himself over the edge of his bed, leaning up as he did so to settle feet against the floor, hands gripping lightly to the mattress sides. Why must waking up be such a chore? Perhaps it was his lack of desire to move, lack of will to go about his life, or maybe the sheer weight of his world pressing down around him, cutting off his desire to even breathe more and more each day.
There was a time, he remembers, when despite the struggle to rise from his sheets he'd still hold a faint scrap of hope that something might change, that he could have just one good day. In time though, given the years that had passed now, there was no more hope left- not that he could see, at least.
Just as his life had strangled away his will, it had suffocated the last of his hope, snuffed the dim flame of desire.

Despite it all though, he'd pushed himself up to stand, sliding into the uniform already set aside for today. He wasn't quite sure what it was, but something had seemed off as he'd been fastening his shoes. He almost immediately shook such thoughts from his head, putting them down to a mere lack of proper rest. Once done with changing he'd carried himself downstairs in heavy steps, greeted by the uncomfortably tense 'clank' of a plate hitting the table, previously neatly stacked slices of toast sliding into a much messier arrangement. Obviously his mother was having another of her bad days, the seemingly heavy silence that followed the plate having only assisted in his belief of such.
Sliding into his seat without a word, knowing that speech would only make things worse, he'd silently taken to eating his breakfast, yet knowing it was pointless- it was hard for food to stay down these days.

Thankfully, his time before leaving the house had passed by without much occurring aside from a few cold words of unneeded hurrying from his mother, and some phone call that she had seemed hesitant to take, probably some past-due bills again he'd thought.

Stepping from his front door, he was greeted by two things. Heavy rain, and a half-smiling face stood beside his gate.

"Please tell me you ate today." Came the concerned words from Rachel's lips. He'd known the girl since first starting at his high school, today being their first day in the final year of that wretched prison of a building.
"Yeah, toast." He'd replied as fingers turned the key to the door, locking it quickly before making his way down the path and out of the front gate, "Two pieces." With the addition of quantity Rachel flashed a somewhat brighter smile, linking her arm to Corey's.
"Thank you.~" She'd chirped, drawing a sigh from Corey, "Don't pull that face again- You know you have to eat."
"I know."

The rest of the journey was taken in idle chatter, the majority of which had come from Rachel, until after what had felt like an eternity they'd arrived at the dull, remarkably uniform buildings set together in equally uniform blocks. The perfect place for the pointless creation of sheep. Or as everyone else liked to call it, 'education'. As far as Corey was concerned though, school was more about following instructions than actually learning. After all, to find your own way of learning the same thing as everyone else was frowned upon, you either did it their way, or you didn't do it at all. 

"Oh- I'm taking you to the mall tonight." Rachel stated, interrupting their temporary parting of ways before the morning's classes could begin, school yard bustling with other students discussing their break, or grumbling about said break having come to an end.
"Why? It's not like I've got any money to spend." Why did he even bother? He knew that once Rachel made her mind up there was no getting out of it.
"I'll meet you at the gates." And with that, accompanied with a sweet smile as if she'd not even heard what Corey was saying she'd dashed off into the crowds, no doubt wishing to find her other friends to gossip about their holidays. At least she didn't try to drag him along for such a thing anymore, having at last learned the year previous to this that he really couldn't stand the constant screeching of girls in large doses.

It was then that the bell had snapped him away from his thoughts, brunette strands of hair now clinging to his features, rain having darkened the shade further. With a sigh, hand straightening the strap of his bag, he'd headed forwards towards those dreaded glass doors for yet another day he was already praying to end.

Still though, in the back of his mind, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

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