Love Isn't Not Saying Sorry by barefootdreamer

My take on the classic saying "Love means never having to say you're sorry."

I don't exactly love it, but I don't hate it.

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Love Isn't Not Saying Sorry by barefootdreamer

Love means never having to say you're sorry. Screw that.


Love means screwing up and having to say you're sorry. It means that you'll have to fight for what you believe in. And if it's really worth it, if you both really think that you have it--that pure, imperfect love, you'll still have it at the end of the day.


They'd have that perfect flat, that perfect place; their world.


He would ask nicely if he could tape in her favourite reading spot, right when the book is getting good. Then he'd set up and start talking in that adorable way, being crazy, and the guy she fell in love with. 


She would be unable to take it and sit behind him and hug him and kiss him.


He would grin and chuckle and apoligize for distracting her.


She would giggle, say it was a good distraction, and pick up her book and move on.


One day, they'd take on the world together.


She would yawn, curl up on the cramped seat and fall asleep on his shoulder.


He would be unable to take it and pull out his camera and take a video of them.


She would wake up unbeknownst to his sneak photography and look at the window as he pointed out the land they were about to explore.


He would then show her later, telling her he could not resist, she was simply too beautiful.


She would say no.


He would say yes, and not give up. Because it would be worth it if she knew how lucky he was.


They wouldn't be together all the time and he'd send her longhand letters. 


She'd laugh and say he's too much. 


He'd say, 'Yes, but you love it.'


She'd shut up.


He'd tell her he'd see her soon and hang up with a 'please wait for me, love.'


They would argue about the best fruit.


She'd say, 'Apples.'


He'd say, 'Too red.'


She'd ask, 'What about the green ones?'


He'd say,'Too green.'


They'd never come to a conclusion.


It took one day.


One cataclysmic mistake.


One bloody mistake.


She'll make it.


Because, guys always make the mistakes--at least girls make them out to.


She'll have been wrong.


She'll want to take everything back because he was her better half. He made her feel special. He made her feel like she had the world at her fingertips. He was always saying how lucky he was, but it was really her. Who else would put up with her craziness? Her ambitions? Who would love her in that irrevocable way?


He'll be hurt.


He'd move out.


He'd cut her off.


Cause they'd both know that he deserved better.


But ten months to move on.


She wouldn't, she'd fight harder.


He'd try. As hard as one could. But he wouldn't be able to.


They'd meet at a party or something or other.


She'd pause and step towards him grabbing his hand.


"I promise to love you as long as I live. I promise to be all you need me to be. And I promise to never, ever again in my life hurt you the way I have."


He'd wrench his hand out of her grasp. "Please," she'd say her face a mask of pain, "Please just forgive me. And then I'll leave. I'll go."


He'd take her back, because they'd both know their love was worth it.


They'd both fight to put it back together again.


And that would just be the start.


He would propose under the stars.


Or during a casual conversation.


Over Skype.


They'd have a child and decide to name it after a fictional character, her pick.


They'd buy that perfect starter house and fix it up all cliche-like.


They'd have another child and it would be a city name, his pick this time.


They'd fight and it would be his mistake--or hers, the mistake got lost in translation.


She'll want to take those kids that they made and leave.


He'll fight for them.


She'll fight back.


They'll both end up sleeping on the couch after fighting for hours about who was going to sleep there.


Their kids will grow older and they'll fall in love.


They'll miss with all their hearts their impossible freedom. Years spent loving each other and figuring out what to do.


They'll know that their time is over, and their epic love story was coming to a sunset end. And they'll be okay with that. Because of the fights, the inconsistency, the love.


No. Love isn't not saying sorry.


Love is saying sorry over and over again. Screwing up. Making up. Screwing up. But always coming back to that love worth fighting for.

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