Chronicles of Luma book 5 by Lyoko Warrior Of Justice

this is book 5ish of the Chronicles of Luma book 1-4ish will come later

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1. Chapter 1: A New World by Lyoko Warrior Of Justice

Chapter 1: A New World by Lyoko Warrior Of Justice

Chapter 1

            “Scanning, Peter; Scanning, Ethan; Scanning, Nate,” says Danny, starting the digitalization process. “Render, Peter; Render, Ethan; Render, Nate,” Danny says into his blue-tooth headset, completing second phase of the digitalization process. “Digitalization,” he says completing the final phase. “Your turn ladies.” He says to Meagan and Ashley.

            “Ready, Danny.” says Meagan, Stepping into her scanner.

            “Ready.” says Ashley, also stepping into her scanner.

            “Scanning, Meagan; Scanning, Ashley, says Danny; Render, Meagan; Render, Ashley; Digitalization.” Danny repeats.

            “Ok, we’re all at the Coliseum. What now.” Ashley asks?

            “When the hallway opens, take it to the third corridor on your left. That should take you to the elevator room.” says Danny.

            “Thanks Danny.” Ashley responds, while the group runs to the elevator room.”

            The elevator takes the group to the docking station and Danny says, “Get on your teleportation pads please.”

            “Energize.” Danny says to teleport them into the Luma Marine Aerial Vehicle (LMAV).

            With everyone in the LMAV, Meagan asks, “Ok, everyone ready for lift off?”

            “Ready.” says Ashley.

            “I’m ready to go, so let’s pick up the pace and start moving.” says Ethan.

            Peter says, “I’m ready.”

            After a quick systems check Danny says, “All systems are go, release docking locks when ready.”

            Meagan releases the docking locks and fires the vertical thrusters. When the LMAV is hovering outside the Data quadrant over the digital ocean of Luma and they are hovering over the digital sea, Meagan initiates the dive sequence. As they enter the seemingly unused information highway that is the internet, Meagan extends the LMAV’s horizontal stabilizers.

            Then Danny says, “Head to the nearest Portal.” So Danny sends them the coordinates of the Portal and Meagan sets their destination in the LMAV’s Navigation computer.

            When they arrive at the Portal, Meagan positions the LMAV over the dark entrance to the Digital High Speed Network (DHSN) which promptly powers up by filling with a swirling, pinkish, light, and she says “DHSN Acceleration in three seconds, two, one, initiate dive now.”

            When they arrive at the nearest exit to the new Luma Cube copy, that Portal’s exit from the DHSN starts to glow and the LMAV flies of the portals exit out at about Mach 2 and Meagan reverses the engines and floors them so they don’t hit anything. She then exclaims, “We can see the Cube and it’s huge! This is incredible, as it’s even bigger than the Cube containing Luma. How is it that this Cube bigger than Luma when no one could have programmed enough in it to make it that big?”

            Danny tells her, “I don’t know but let’s check it out.”

            Meagan types in the key code as the beam of light appears between the LMAV and the gate. As the beam of light disappears and nothing happens she tells Danny, “That’s funny, the key didn’t work. I’ll try it again just to be sure.”

            Just before she can try the key again Danny stops her, “Wait; I think the key code didn’t work because its pass code differs from the ones Cera created. Anyway, it shouldn’t be too hard to crack.”

            Meagan tells him, “Give it a try, we’ll wait for you to crack this new code.”

            “Ok.” Danny says acknowledging Meagan.

             A few minutes later he says, “Give me just a second more.”

            As he sends the pass code to Meagan, he says, “I’ve got it! You can use the new key code now.”

            Meagan says, “I’m using the new key code now.

            “It worked and the gate is opening! Let’s find out what is inside,” says Meagan as they glide past the gate into the Cube.

            When they get inside, Danny announces, “I’ll run a super-scan for the nearest Power Pylon so we can dock.” As the super-scan finishes Danny exclaims sounding very surprised, “Wait, how can that be? The Super-scan must be bugged up because it shows no Power Pylons exist in this Luma copy, Meagan, give me another second. I need to check the super-scan for bugs.” finishes Danny.

            As Danny finishes checking and rechecking the Super-Scan’s program and the programs that surround it he finds that there are no bugs in anything in the super-scan or anything related to the super-scan. Danny finally tells Meagan “There aren’t any Power Pylons in this entire world because there are no bugs in the super-scan.” “Meagan what quadrant or quadrants are in this copy?” Danny asks.

            “None of the ones we are used to on Luma.” Meagan answers with dread in her voice, she asks, “How we get back to Luma or earth, as we are stuck in a completely different virtual world that has apparently manifested people and animals. The sensors indicate that there are millions of people in this world. The sensors tell me that we are hovering over a small lake surrounded my nothing but TREES, FOR MILES IN EVERY DIRECTION!” Meagan shouts.

            “I think that I understand what that lake is now. That lake must be the equivalent of the digital sea in this world, and I’m guessing that we just came crashing out of that lake scaring off the wild life from their homes.” says Meagan with a little more resolve.

“What is happening now?” asks Danny

             “The air in front has started shimmering. Uh, Danny, a huge green lizard with wings just descended from above us and what’s more unbelievable is there is a boy sitting on a saddle at the base of its neck. I think it’s a dragon. What do we do they are just hovering in front of us now?” Meagan asks now panicking by the sudden appearance of this creature.

            Almost screaming Meagan asks, “Do we charge weapons?” 

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