Just like a Tattoo by ForgottenPassions

Nicole has even living a lie for 3 years, it's not like anyone would find her in this small town. To bad the family looking for her was her own. 

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Chapter 7 by ForgottenPassions

Nicole was startled awake the next morning, she looked at the baby monitor, nothing was coming from it. Sliding out of the sheets she walked to the window pulling the curtian to the side. There where 2 vans in her back yard, a small 12 person van as well as a huge U-HAUL. Coming out of the door to the barn where 2 men, she growled in the back of her throat as she recognized one of them, who was holding her son. 

    Her heart skipped a breath as she slid on her sweater and shoes running down the stairs and throwing open the back door. She stomrmed up to Michael, *What in the HELL are you doing?* she hissed.

*Honey,* Michale smiled bitterly wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing her forehead. *I would like you to meet my new business associate, Devlin.* his hand strayed south smoothing the silk night gown before giving her what she is sure his new associate though was a playful pat, but she knew it was just a painful reminder of there actual relationship. 

    *Mam,* the man smiled his southern drawl prominent  around the chew in his mouth. *Its real nice to meet you, your boy here just dosent stop talkin about you and your son.* he smiled brushing the brim of his stetson. 

*Well that is very good to know,* She forced a warm smile. *I saw you brought Quinn out here, he needs his breakfast, what exactly where you showing him darling?* she forced the last word out trying to filter out the bitter sarcasm. 

*We were just showing him the arena,* Devlin smiled. 

*Arena?* she asked, fear spiking. Michale was never into anything good and she didnt even want to imagine what was being planned in her barn. *Well hunny i do need to feed Quinn.* she pulled away from him scanning for where the little 2 year old had gotten. 

*I think he went into the barn.* Devlin pointed toward the old building. 

*Son of a bitch,* She spat running full speed to the door sliding it open she fell backwards, Devlin being directly behind her was the only thing stopping her from landing straight on her ass. *What in the BLAZES OF HELL is going on here!* she yelled. 

    The barn was lined with kennel, 20 from her quickest count. each one had a dog chained to the door, and all of them had started barking and or growling in response to her panic. Quinn was standing infront of a huge german shepard at the half way point of the barn. Behind him was a series of benchs and a roll of green astro turff. She ran past the hounds coming to halt when the shepard growled and scooted infront of Quinn. she knelt down on her knees meeting the animals eyes. *Its ok,* she slowly reached forward  reading the tag on his choke chain *Gerber, this is my son, no damage intended.* she kept her voice soft, soothing as she patted his head. *Quinn i need you to step around Gerber here you can pet him if you like but come to mommy now.*

*He good puppy mommy.* Quinn smiled coiling his fingers in Gerbers pure black fur. 

    *Yes he is.* She forced a smile, wrapping her arms around her sons waist. *Now lets go get breakfast.* she glared at MIchale as she carried him out. There were 3 more german shepards, 4 Pitbulls, 3 bull terriers, 2 Rotwilers, a Doberman pincher, 2 Akitas and 4 Alaskan Malamutes, all chanined up. There were also 3 corgies, 4 chiuas and a slew of rabbits and cats pacing in crates behind them. She continued past the 2 men and made her way  the house. This was not going to be good and she hope and prayed that Ryan got to the sheriff sooner rather then later. 

    Ryan tapped his foot on the linoleum, Kayla was sitting next to him spinning a pen between her fingers. *You know last time you said he was all milk and cookies...* she sighed.

*Yes well, whats your point?* Ryan rolled his eyes readjusting his button down t-shirt. The uniforms running around town had been a tad conspicuous. 

*I think small towns are a clusterfuck,* Kayla sighed, *and this whole thing is really starting to get on my nerves,*

*Lets just process the court order* Ryan growled, he had always wondered if he and Nicole would have kids, and as soon as he saw Quinn it wasnt that hard to guess.

*Do you think someone here will rat?* Kayla watched the secrateries and deputies running in and out of the offices.

*If he is as entrenched as i think he will have resources.* Ryan sighed, the man had always been charasmatic.


Kaylas phone went off, she glared at the screen and answered it. “No we have not gotten the paper work started Sarah.”

There was a small series of squeaks. “I know she said it was probable if they had been being intimate but this is a delicate situation! We waltz into a small town claim to know one of the prominent people who does in fact have amnesia and are now demanding her son go through a paternity test in what might be seen as a way of forcing ourselves on her.“

Ryan laughed as he checked his phone which had  a new text message on it. “Nervous?”  from Brandon. He had always admired that dork, always being their therapist for the years in the home, helping them realize their potential, kept sanity amoungst the virtual oblivion of   insanity.   He had somehow also managed to talk Ryan out of doing something supremly stupid. 

    He typed back “not my first rodeo!” It wasent like none of them where innocent he thought bitterly. The town they came from had its share of little misseys looking for someone to step in and he had done this test before, only this time he wanted the result to be posative. 

“I remember” Brandon typed back and he was sure this hashed up memories for more then just him.  

“Are you texting my boy?” Kayla asked rolling her eyes.

“What of it? I have a seperate relationship then just through you.” he smirked elbowing her shoulder. 

“I know, you boys of swallows bay.” She smirked bringing up the mens old nickname. 

“Always pissed you girls off.” Ryan laughed. His phone buzzed again and he looked down downloading the jpg file. “This is what Joshua cleared up from the accident photos.”

Kayla scanned the picture closely noting all of the initials and symbols. “No doubts.” She shook her head. “Are we holding out some monicrum of hope something will bring her back?”

“Yes.” Ryan nodded “You really have to ask?” A starwberry blonde woman started towards him, her hair bouncing as she made her way through the crowd. 

“Mr. Ryan Dawson?” She popped her pink bubble gum and smiled. “You wanted to see the sheriff?” She tilted her hip to the side, flashing her thigh.

“Yes.” He rolled his eyes, “and your name is?”

“Margurite.” she grinned  blowing another bubble in her gum. “Is it something i can help you with?”

“You know we just need to talk to the sheriff,” Kayla grinned. The womans smile dropped a little.

“This way.” She started down the hall adding an additional swing to her step.

“You arnt seriously checking her out?” Kayla snipped at Ryan. 

“Nope.” Ryan grinned, “Buts its never a bad thing to play nice.”

“I’ll bet you money shes just looking for a good lay.” Kayla groused.

“Well unlike you i havent gotten any action in just about 3 years.” Ryan commented enjoying the faint blush on her little sisters cheeks. 

“Margurite said you wanted speak to me about filing for a test on Ms. Delarosa’s son?” The sheriff sat down behind his desk gesturing for them to sit. 

“Yes.” Ryan smiled, “I want to prove that i am his father.”

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