Over-Heard Horror by SCN

He didn't know why he followed them; though now, he wished he hadn't.

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1. Over-heard by SCN

Over-heard by SCN


by: scn

          While on the last rung of my evening jog; I couldn’t help over hearing this young couple. A little blonde thing and this hipster wannabe walking down boat house row as lovers do. I had already past them once on my daily jogging route though Fairmont Park without thinking much about it. They were walking hand in hand, but it was obvious that something was going on between these with these two. She looked nervous and was looking over her shoulder; he kept answering his phone unaware of the growing tension that was growing on his arm. These two got my attention I have to admit; there was just something that pulled me to follow; something attracting me like bee's to honey. I forgot about my run and let my stride fall into a pace barely above a stroll. Something about the energy that was being emitted got me curious; so I followed them as they walked along the bank. At first I felt stupid watching these love birds; but, after a few minutes a strange story began to unfold.

            He answered his phone for the third time in as many minutes; she let him and pouted till he finished. Yeah kinda normal I thought to; I was about to get bored and leave them be; when I saw a new glint appear in the girls eye. It was almost like she knew someone was watching and enjoyed the new information she had been given. Something shifted in that moment; her demeanor changed in an instant and no longer was she pouting, but grinning ever so-slightly. A warm feeling took over from the crisp October night; the dusky glow made everything seem to shimmer in the low light from the street lights shining overhead; and the scent of roses enveloped the air around me. The blonde girl hooked her arm around the hipster’s; looked up at him from under her thick lashes with the greenest bedroom eyes, that I have ever seen. My heart skipped a beat as the image of her looking that way at me flashed in my mind’s eye. It was as if I was being pulled by an invisible force field. I couldn’t look away or move my feet way but the direction that they went. I just keep following them; almost in a trance. Suddenly, the air got thick; almost hard to breath; as I watched the two of them walk through a set of benched tucked in-between the shadows. The light was low; but from where I was standing I could see her whole form; the thinness of her hips; outline of her pointed nose peaking though a silvery curtain of hair; and then I saw her part her lips exposing the sharpest canine teeth I have ever seen; they were so long they seemed to curl at the tips.

            In that moment I know what I had stumbled upon. The fear dripped down me like ice water; I started to shake; but, still couldn’t move. I tried screaming out to the hipster dude standing only a few steps away; but only shouted in my head. I was screaming, frozen to the spot when I hear a silky voice enter my thoughts.

“Sweetie; it ok; you’ll be fine. This one deserves it.”

            The second her sweet words filled my heart and the fear subside, my eyes met with hers. There was brief moment when time seem to stop. She looked like an angel; complete with a golden halo of light surrounding her body; then in an instant she morphed in front of my stare. Her eyes went from blissful emerald to a wiry yellow; the brilliant smile that just a second ago filled me with such warmed turn dark with four curled and pointy teeth dotting the bridge of her mouth. Time was at first slowed down for me; then in a split second the scene melted in front of my eyes. 

 I saw the entire transformation; angel into demon in a nano-second. Her jaw hinged back awkwardly and the snapped forward to attacked with a sicken pop of flesh; that made my stomach drop. All the while, I watched only a few feet away; out in the open, under the lamp post hanging next to the river; no safety net; witnessing a real life horror story.

             I watched as she suck the life essences right out of that hipster wanna be neck’s; his ray-band frames strewn carelessly by the water’s edge; a few crimson splatters clouding up the left lens; while her body glowed faintly against the dark background as I watched the exchange of life force. Then it was over; his body lay in a crumbled heap, lying next to a stone bench; eyes still open; looking upwardly at something unknown; a shade of pallid gray washing over him as his body finished dying while I watched. She then started to walk towards me as if nothing strange had just happened.

            A fear like I have never known came over me. I thought for sure I was going to be next. I just knew my time had come to an end; and for some reason I welcomed it. The thought of dying in the arms of this beautiful girl seemed fine with me. I took what I thought were my last breathes; but she had another plan brewing. She again looked like that angel I had seen moments before, floating toward me; hair blowing in the slight autumn breeze; and a smile that would melt the coldest of heart looking in only my direction. I could feel the feeling return to my limbs and knew if I wanted to I could now move; though, it was the farthest thing from my mind. I stood still like a statue and awaited my fate or doom; whatever it was it didn’t matter nor I did care as long it had something to do with her then I was happy.

            Our eyes locked; emerald meeting amber in a never-ending embrace. I felt hypnotized even though I know I was standing on my own free-will. My breath again felt stuck; she was two steps from me. I waited to feel the prick on my neck when she passed me by; but, instead she just felt the softness of her lips grazing my cheek. When she past the scent of roses flooded my nostrils, making my head swim. I could feel my knees weakening and world grow gray. The last thing I saw was a glimpse of her eyes just before she kissed; and then I woke up in my own bed the next morning in what seemed like my next blink of an eye. The sun shining too brightly in from the window playing my role of alarm clock; all I know, is that was too real to have been a dream. When I close my eyes to this day; I can still feel her gaze upon me, warming me from the inside out; and still can smell the white roses as if she was still standing in front of me. I know what you are thinking; I must sound crazy; but no one can tell me there are no such things like I saw that night.

             I saw it; what she did with my own two eyes. I watched as a young man lost his life to a beautiful girl, thinking I was next the entire time. I am not sure why she let me live and not that other guy. In some ways I wish that I was the one who died that night or that she turned me so I could join her eternal journey through the night; then this story would be a heck of a lot more interesting if this was the beginning and not just the end.

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