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Australia, 1984. David, James and Sydney are normal teenagers living normal lives, but things are about to change. When a nuclear strike shatters their lives, they are forced into a desperate struggle for survival. Not knowing who they can trust, they are about to learn that the real war is just beginning.

Rating: 12+
Category: Dystopian, Adrenaline
Characters: None
Series: None
Chapter: 3 Completed: No
Words: 6552 Read: 60397
Published: 16 Nov 2012 Updated: 09 Dec 2012

1. Chapter 1 by Ellanti [Reviews - 0] (2664 words)

2. James by Ellanti [Reviews - 0] (1859 words)

3. Sydney by Ellanti [Reviews - 0] (2029 words)

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