Equal and Fair by ForgottenPassions

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Becca stared at the monitors beeping away over Chris bed, in that moment she wished he had died.  All her life it had been drilled in her head, from the first day in daycare when she slept in her crib next to his he had always been there. 


This one incident went against everything she had been taught. Life was equal. Everyone made the same amount of money, everyone had the same oppurtunities, equal, even and balanced. 


They had been born weeks apart but the hospital issued the report pairing them up as suitable genetic matches to bring forth the next generation. The government had deemed this pairing as a way to avoid " competition" in the formidable years, making sure again everything was fair. 


She pulled her eyes away from the green line, wishing she could block out the steady beep of his heart beat on the computer. She squeezed his pale hand in hers dropping her forehead onto the mattress. Her hair pooled around his arm, the oaky curls fell across his arm as she stared up at his still face. 


That car had just come out of no where, careening into the park and slamming into the bench they had been sitting on, well Chris had been sitting on at that point, he had seen the car before her and shoved her out of the way taking the full force of the hit. The doctor had explained to her anyone surviving this severe of an accident was extremely rare,but it was unlikely he would wake up. The list of broken bones and internal damage was extensive but they where all on the mend, something was just not turning on in his brain. There was nothing more they could do except wait for him to wake up. 


" Becca?" A soft voice came from the door. She raised her head to look, seeing her younger sister leaning against the steril frame. " do you want to go home?" 


" I think I'm going to stay here a little while Sarah. Thank you." She forced a week smile, thankfully her sister didn't fight her. 


She was trying to rationalize how leaving  her best friend between life and death was in anyway balanced. Another knock on the door she didn't want to answer, the man behind it didn't stand on propriety. She jumped when she looked over her shoulder, the grey uniform of the  Unitarian enforcement sent shivers down her spine. She kept her eyes pasted on the floor squeezing her hands together infront of her. 

 A black gloved hand slid under her chin drawing her eyes upward. " ms. Becca Lorene?" 


" govoner," she whispered shocked as she stepped back quickly. She stumbled on the chair behind her and almost disgraced herself by flopping to the floor infront a government official when one of his guards stepped in and caught her arm. Yanking her back to standing, she felt the sting of embarrassment coloring her cheeks as she again focused on the even white linoleum at the officials feet. 


" I understand this man was your significant other?" He asked coldly.


Becca nodded , " we where to be wed in 33 days." She had been counting down the days to the preset date when they would both be 23 for over 2 years now, since the bitter night after graduation, so she would be able to make up for her young stupidity to the man who had never left her side. 


" the doctors informed me that he was in a coma? And showed no current signs of change?" He was making notes on a silver clip board as he spoke. 


" that is correct." She managed to spit out, some how his profesional manner made it even more true. She wasent getting Chris back. Her knees started to tremble under neath her . 


" we understand there is some hope," he forced a very cold smile, stretching it seemed to appear sympathetic. " so what we can do is keep him on life support for 30 days, if he does not wake up that gives you ample time to plan his passing before you are issued a new companion." Hs pen scratched across the forms, a swift tear and the sheet was stuffed into her hand. 


She nodded, there was nothing she could do but agree. A government official was always precise and fair. The guard who had caught her arm was still bracing her, and probably the only reason she was still standing she thought as the official left. The man stayed and she ventured a look up as tears streamed down her face. She couldn't make out his feature past the blurring tears, but she let him usher her to the bed next to Chris's and tuck her in as the same thought ripped throu her addled brain. 


How is this fair? 

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