The Montgomery Files; Raspberry Inc. by LovelyLion25

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Alison still couldn’t believe her dad was a spy, let alone the fact he trained her to be one. Just days ago she was home with the house keeper Margaret wondering when her dad would be home from his ‘business venture’. Business ventures always worried Alison because her father had a knack of getting hurt every time. Her father was a week late from returning home, this was the latest he’s ever been and Alison began to worry. Imagine her shock to find two men in business suits in the living room when she came home after school.
“Meg?” Alison called down the hall. “You have visitors Al. Two men from your dads work.” Margret called back from down the hall letting her know these strangers were friends. Alison sat down and introduced herself. The man to her left said “We know, my name is Mr. Simon and this is Mr. Watson.” Mr. Simon had blue eyes and black hair while Mr. Watson had brown eyes and fair hair, looking no older than twenty. “We are here because we need you, your first mission.” Mr. Watson began to talk about her achievements, “Fluent in French, Russian, and you know some basic Japanese. The Japanese will come in handy for you with this mission. It is essentially crucial that you remember you self defense training, it says you learned up to black belt level in a program but I wouldn’t be surprised if your dad taught you more, he wasn’t our best spy for nothing.” The word spy seemed to put Alison through a loop. “Wait a second. You’re trying to tell me my father is a spy?!”
Mr. Watson explained, “Your father Mr. Montgomery was, well… is a spy. Naturally he would train his daughter to be one of the best. Your first mission is in Tokyo. We need you to retrieve any and all information possible and possibly locate your father for a rescue mission.” “My father is missing?!?!!” Mr. Watson quickly explained “The mission your taking up was previously your fathers, his cover we assume was blown. Tokyo is Raspberry’s new experimental lab, the new owner Benjamin Kane has reticently became rather shifty and you job is to discover why. We began to worry when Microsoft and other software companies leading technicians began to come up missing. There is a rumor he and his techs have invented a new product that will revolutionize our world. We need an insider as innocent as possible to make sure our hunches are wrong. Are you up for the mission?” Alison accepted.
Alison and the two spies made her a briefing appointment after school at an ice cream shop on King Street. After school Alison hailed a taxi and gave the cab driver directions. The taxi pulled off to the side of a rather run down looking shop called ‘Megan’s Ice-cream’, the shop front was rather boring to the eye, considering the most eye catching thing was the post box with the number six. The music store and restaurant on both sides made it look as if it were about to foreclose. Alison paid the driver and walked into the shop hearing the door bell tinkle meeting this time only Mr. Watson. “Hello Alison, we’ve been expecting you. Please follow me.” Alison was led through a door that said Employees Only.
Alison was in a complete awe at what she found on the other side of the door, the head operating center of MI6. The floors were a white tile, the celling and walls were a pale monotone grey, all of the doors looked like solid oak. Mr. Watson made Alison stop with him at the front desk to fill out a whole bunch of papers with the receptionist. “Name please.” The receptionist said looking at Mr. Watson. “Zach Watson, Sophie you know well who I am.” Sophie sighed, “Zach I know, just following procedures. And who is this?” “Alison Montgomery.” Alison piped up. “Arthur’s child?” “Yes.” Zach cut in seeing the look on Alison’s face.
After all of the seemingly pointless papers Mr. Watson led Alison down the hall talking as he went, “Were going to visit Carter in the gadgets room. Smithers was my favorite though he passed on a few years ago.” Alison could have sworn she had seen tears in his eyes, but she figured it would be better to let it go. She followed Zach until he stopped outside a room called ‘inventing’.
The inventing room looked like it exploded on the inside; wires of all different colors were all over the tables. Metals of all different types were everywhere, microchips and other electronic devices and there parts littered the floor; which made the room look like a technological wasteland. A man who looked about 40 years or so walked over to greet Alison and Zach. “Hello my name is Carter; I am your gadgets specialist for your Raspberry mission. Very excited. Come look at what I’ve got for you.” Alison walked over to the table Carter was pointing at rather excitedly.
The table had things on it that a stereotype girl her age might have: a RasTab (The new high tech electronic tablet), lip-gloss, tweezers, and a purse. Carter looked at all of the objects proudly and began to explain what it all did.
“The RasTab has been modified; it can sense electronic bugs with the “Find the Flies” app. The lip-gloss has some rather unique compounds in it, you can use it just the same but it will eat through most metals. The tweezers are safe to use but be very careful since they are EXTREAMLY sharp. The purse actually has some more weapons inside; they cannot be detected with a metal detector allowing them to pass though airplane checks. This last invention is my favorite; we got insider codes on the place and implanted them onto this credit-card, which actually works for its real purpose too.” He finished proudly and handed Alison the credit and access card.
After Carter explained the whole lot he put everything in the purse and handed it to Alison. She gratefully took her own personal arsenal and left with Zach to quickly get her forged government official documents such as a passport through extreme rush along with other necessities for the trip. The next day was Alison’s day to leave for the Raspberry project, taking a jet from London city Airport to Tokyo. Margret seemed slightly shaken up over the whole situation but decided to keep her comments to herself as Alison packed for the trip, it was expected to take about a week, half as long as Alison’s father had. It was obvious MI-6 was either crunched for time or running out of resources Alison thought considering they’ve asked a fifteen year-old girl to take a mission her own father couldn’t handle.
The next morning Alison had Margret drive her to the airport. Alison was checked though security and was directed to a small jet. The inhabitants were Mr. Watson and a woman named Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Parker was a pale Asian-English woman with black hair and brown eyes. She had on a pale grey power suit and was sitting with her hands strategically placed into her lap.
She began “Hello Alison, my name is Mrs. Parker. It is my understanding you are taking on the Raspberry Industry case. Your cover name is Molly Quinn Rossi. You’re a freshmen school girl that won the “Technology is our Future” essay that Andrew Tomas put out before he died; the real winner is on a Bahamas’ cruise as a consolation prize. You will take a tour of the factories and try their newest products as the winner. You’re going to need to read the essay and the background we’ve created incase Mr. Cook has any questions. Thank goodness though you both look a lot alike, facial changes would have been tough to explain.”
Alison opened the file and found Mrs. Parker was correct, she and molly did look quite a lot alike. Same facial structure and similar blue eyes, just one difference Molly had blonde hair. Alison’s brown hair was easy to explain though considering people dye their hair all the time. Molly’s father was a lawyer, her mom a therapist. She was an only child with straight A’s. The girl was from Leeds, England which meant Alison didn’t have to fake any ridiculous accents.
After several looks over the profiles and several quizzes performed by both Zach and Mrs. Parker deemed ‘Molly’s’ performance passable so Alison slept most of the trip. When she wasn’t trying to sleep she played on her RasTab learning what apps do what, some acted like scanners for different things, one was a heat seeking camera, others were information on how to deactivate bombs and find lasers. Alison realized some apps were even the real ones with silly games with jumping creatures or photo apps.
The plane safely landed and Alison got off with her suitcase and purse, she waited at the airport for a cab with her new name. Alison found the driver for the cab she was taking and bowed saying “Kon'nichiwa”, which translated to Hello in Japanese. “San Rosshi?” the cab driver asked; the translation easily enough being her name. “Hai.” or yes ‘Molly’ said. The cab driver opened the door for Alison as she threw her bag in and took a seat.
The trip took about thirty minutes to a rather clean building in the bustling street of Tokyo. Alison stepped out onto the sidewalk meeting who she assumed was Mr. Kane. Alison had a strange feeling this wouldn’t be any sort of vacation and was glad the real Molly was safe.
A man walked out in a clean cut suit and a grin on his face, “Hello, you must be Molly.”
“Hello Mr. Kane-it is quite an honor to meet you.”
“Well likewise- your paper about the advances in technology was literary genius.” Benjamin Kane said with a smile as he lead her inside, an assistant rushed out already and took her suitcase and paid the cab fare.
“Really?” She asked now putting her own knowledge to the test, “We had a time limit, so I felt rushed into poor work.”
“That was considered poor?”
Alison nodded, “I just could not properly explain the delicacy of touch screens with appoxon-glass verses clouder plastic.”
“Well I still found the rushed work perfection.”
“Thank you sir.” She said quietly
“Anytime- I can’t wait to pick around your brain; see how your wires work.” Alison’s body instantly tensed at this.”
“Well of course I don’t have to right now- there will be plenty of time for that.”
She nodded in agreement almost timid around this man; his gaze seemed to go through her like a knife. All she wanted was her father back; she didn’t know hanging around a mad man was what it would take.
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