Lady Dreamer by Lovelessly

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"Come on Tyler, its time for bed." The elderly woman spoke softly, a kind smile across her face. She was a sweet woman that the young boy, Tyler called grandma. His parents were away this night on a business and he was left here to stay.

"Grandma, I'm not tired!" he whined, trying in vain to argue. The soft yawn that he tried to hold back was what gave him.

"It's late now, dear, come on," she said giving him a gentle push towards the stairs. Frowning as he did, he walked up the stairs quietly, pouting all the way. He climbed into bed and she pulled up the covers.

"I can't stay up just a few more minutes?" he asked, trying for a last minute attempt. His grandmother shook her head and smiled.

"No, Tyler, it's already very late for you. Now go to sleep so that you may be visited by Lady Dreamer." she replied gently. The young boy looked confused.

"Grandma, who is Lady Dreamer?" he asked curiously. He had never heard of such a thing. His grandmother gave a soft laugh.

"Lady Dreamer is believed to be a fairy. She comes into your room at night, but only when you're asleep. With a bit of dreamer dust sprinkled on you, you have wonderful and beautiful dreams. She is the one who creates the dreams you dream." she explained. Tyler looked interested.

"Fairies are for girls!" he stated. His grandmother gave another small laugh.

"Well, maybe they are, but then tell me, where do your dreams come from?" she asked with a smile. The young boy thought for a minute and stuttered over a few words, but in the end came up with no response. He didn't know.

His grandmother stood up and pulled the blankets back up to the child's chin. "Now, it's time for bed." She smiled, tucking him in. He nodded some and smiled.

"I love you, grandma." He replied. She placed a kiss on his forehead and pulled back.

"And I love you too." She told him softly, before reaching over and turning out the light by the bed. With that, she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. She left it open just a crack for him.

Once she was gone down the stairs, he looked over to the open window. The summer breeze swept into the room, gently blowing the curtains. He thought about little fairies suddenly coming into his room while he slept. He sat up and listened for his grandmother. He didn't hear her, leaving him to assume that she was in the kitchen downstairs.

Tyler pushed off his covers and stepped out of bed, tip-toeing over to the window. He closed it as quietly as he could before going back over to his bed. He yawned again and lay down, pulling the covers back over him. It didn't take the young boy long to fall asleep.

As he slept, from the closed window came a bit of pink, glittery dust. It swept up and over the window lock. The lock unlatched and the window drifted open a bit with a creak. The summer breeze drifted in again. Still, the boy did not wake.

A small figure peaked into the room from the window. Dressed in a little silver dress, was a tiny girl, maybe between four and five inches tall. She had long pink hair that ran like a waterfall down her tiny frame and to her knees. Behind her, tiny wings came from her back.

She smiled some at the sleeping boy and flew over without a sound. The fairy reached into a little white bag and pulled out a pink dust. She sprinkled some over the boy and watched his face for a response. It took a moment, but the boy smiled. A happy dream now played in his head.

A tiny giggle parted the little fairy's lips as she spun around, happy about her little accomplishment. She flew out towards the window but was stopped suddenly by the sudden movement of the boy.

"Who're you?" he asked, suddenly sitting up. His eyes were wide as he stared right at her. She darted for the foot of the bed and hid behind the bed post. She peeked around it at him. She looked startled and very confused.

"You can… see me?" she questioned softly, stunned. Her voice was so soft and rang like music through the room. Her big blue eyes stared at him with complete and utter shock. She had never encountered something like this before.

"Of course I can!" he replied. He made it sound as if this were the obvious answer.

"No! No! You shouldn't be able to see me! This is very wrong! Very wrong!" she stated, her mind a bit jumbled by all this. She started tapping her tiny fingers on the bed post, her eyes darting around. She was trying in vain to understand this.

"…And why not?" Tyler asked, pushing off his blankets and crawling over to her. She looked up at him quickly.

"Humans are not capable of seeing fairies! Let alone hear our voices!" she stated. With those words she started flying around in little circles. The young boy laughed a bit and poked her suddenly. She yelped lightly and looked up at him. She glared a bit, but it looked more like a pout.

"Wow… You're real!" he commented. He still seemed to have a hard time believing all of this.

"N – No! No! This is a dream!" she stated. She was trying to get him to believe this wasn't real. He wasn't going to fall for it though. She could see that by the big grin that had crossed his face.

"It's not a dream! I can touch you!" he replied. He sounded very sure of himself. She wasn't going to be able to just convince him that this was a dream. She wasn't going to be able to just make him forget all this. She pouted a bit, her cheeks puffed out. He laughed some and smiled at her.

"So what are you?" he asked, lying down on his bed. He rested his head in his hands, watching her.

"…I'm a fairy of course." She replied. She still kind of remained behind the bed post.

"But fairies aren't real." He stated knowingly.

"I am too real!" she puffed. She crossed her arms, seemingly insulted by his words. He tried not to laugh.

"But then how come no one else has seen you?" he asked confused.

"Cause humans aren't supposed to see us." She frowned. "Once in a few years we'll get a human that can see fairies, but…" she trailed off.

"But?" he asked, pushing a bit for an answer.

She looked up at him suddenly, her cheeks puffed out a bit. "You ask too many questions. You're supposed to be sleeping."

"But I'm not tired! I wanna know more about fairies!" he replied, moving a bit closer.

"No. No. You have to sleep. Humans have to sleep!" she replied. She was very adamant about him going to bed. He frowned deeply and sat up.

"One more question!" he demanded, stubbornly. She hesitated but gave in.

"…Just one." She replied.

"My grandma called you a Lady Dreamer. Is there a fairy who's called that?" he asked. The tiny fairy was already flying towards the window. She peeked back at him when she reached the window.

"You just met her." She replied softly before gently closing the window. A little bit of glittery, pink dust drifted in as she closed the window. He felt his eyes grow tired and he lay down, pulling the covers up slowly. He yawned widely and drifted off with last words.

"…Lady Dreamer…" and he drifted off to sleep.

When he woke, he remembered it all as a dream.

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