Shattered by SteampunkMaiden

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It broke. Shattered glass sparkled in the evening light poring through the bedroom window. Slivers of green, purple, and pink lay on the wooden floorboards. On either side, two teenage girls stood, tears glistening on their angry red cheeks. Though the room had been filled with shouting just seconds before, the silence that had fallen seemed louder.

One girl ran her a hand through her blond hair. Her light brown eyes looked nearly golden as she took in the sight of the shattered remains of what had once been a delicate glass fairy. “You...,” she whispered, "You broke it. It's broken.” Her voice cracked on the last word, and she covered her mouth with her hand. “Maddie, how could you?"

Maddie had covered her face with her hands, so when the other girl looked up, all she saw was the girls red hair. "Mami, I was...I didn't..."

Mami didn't give her a chance to finish. "I'm sorry if what I did hurt you that much. I didn't realize a school dance meant that much to you. It isn't my fault they only allow upperclassmen to attend. I don't understand why you're so angry. I...I'm going home..." With that, she turned and fled from the room.

"But Mami, you're going to high school. I won't see you for two years!" Maddie had her arms wrapped around the other girl, uncaring of the strange looks they were recieving from other mall shoppers. "You'll forget all about me."

"It will be alright, Maddie. I promise." With a smile, she pried Maddie off her and picked up a small fairy figurine. Even in the florescent light of the store, the colored glass sparkled. "For as long as you keep this, we'll be friends, okay?"

Maddie uncovered her eyes, the deep blue shimmering with tears. She picked up the sharp shards glass, not caring about the cuts it made in her hand or the drops of blood that splattered across the hard wood floor. "I'm sorry. Please, don't leave. I'm sorry, Mami. I just...don't leave, please." She repeated the words, over and over and over, as she gathered the glass. 

She clutched the glass tightly in her hand and squeezed her eyes shut. "I didn't mean it."Slowly, she walked out of her room and into the kitchen, where she threw the glass away.
Mami lay on her bed, her arms pressed into her stomach. Her eyes were red and raw, her cheeks tinged pink, her golden hair ruffled and sticking out around the temples, as if she had gripped it and pulled many times. She stared blankly at the wall, her thoughts spinning. Her life was falling apart and the one thing she thought she would have, she didn't anymore. She couldn't believe she had just lost her best friend.  

Not that it mattered. Nothing mattered.  It didn't matter that she was now of age. It didn't matter that she would be graduating in a few short weeks. Nothing mattered. She didn't care about anything. So what if she had been rejected by three colleges. So what if her boyfriend was now an ex. Why should it matter that a stupid colored fairy was broken beyond repair?

Her body shook as her sobs returned. Her hands slid into her hair again. Strands of hair wound around her slender fingers as she curled her knees to her chest. 

She nearly jerked her hair out when a hand touched her shoulder. Her brown eyes met blue ones, and before she knew it, her arms were around Maddie, and Maddie was hugging her back just as fiercely. 

"I just don't want you to go. I'm sorry I've yelled at you so much. I can't stand the thought of you leaving me and going off to college and making new friends and...and...I'm just going to be some little high schooler. This is different than when you were just going to high school. You're moving away. I just...I..." She buried her face in Mami's neck, unable to speak anymore. 

Mami stroked the other girls hair as she sniffed. "Oh, Maddie, no. You are so important to me. I would call you and text you all the time. You're my best friend. You know that. I love you."

Maddie only tightened the embrace. After a moment, the girls pulled apart and giggled. 

"We're a mess," Mami said. "But we're a mess together, and that's what counts." Maddie nodded in agreement.

Maddie and Mami lay on the bed together. They didn't say anything. No words were needed. 

"Did you really think I would forget you just because I'm at a different school?" Mami asked.

Maddie looked at the ground and shrugged.

"There is no way I could ever forget someone as special as you."

Looping their arms together, the two girls walked out of the mall, a bag holding small glass fairy over their wrist.

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