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(Reader/Your OC Insert) You lied about your entire life in order to join the American Military, and play a part in the succession of D-Day. So there you were, part of a special task force for women and men, ready to drop from a plane into Paris with your best friend: you were a spies. You were the Ears On The Inside. You were two of the few telegraphers in Paris. Your parachute also failed you on the way down, and sent you tumbling into a large forest, not a half kilometer from an enemy base. All seemed to be lost until a kind (not to mention handsome) Frenchman found you.... (AU, WW2, 2nd Person)

Rating: 15+
Category: Romance
Characters: None
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Chapter: 1 Completed: No
Words: 1805 Read: 16437
Published: 26 Aug 2012 Updated: 29 Aug 2012

1. Prologue by xXSolariaXx [Reviews - 1] (1805 words)

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