Just like a Tattoo by ForgottenPassions

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"Who in the hell are you?" She shouted reaching behind her back she unhooked the smith and wesson 40 calibur hand gun and held it pointed towards the windsheild. 

"Its just us Nicole." Brandon scooted out of the car making sure his hands stayed in the air. Christopher on the other hand got out of the car still in his uniform and crossed his arms pushing back his coat just enough for her to see the military issue on his side. 

"I don't know you now get the hell off my property or I'm calling the cops!" She spat. They couldn't have left her alone, why was it no one would leave her the hell alone!

Ryan Matthew and Heather climbed out of the near by Ford, followed by Sarah, Jonathan Kayla, and joshua got out of the Subaru. "Can we talk to you Ms. Delarosa?" Sarah asked crossing her arms over her chest eyeing the gun in her hands.

"Will it get you all to stop following me?" She demanded. 

"We just want to talk." Kayla said calmly takeing a few steps towards her. 

"Answer my question." Nicole demanded again clicking the safety off the gun. 

"Nic, put the gun down please." Heather asked, taking another step closer then Kayla. 

"Put the gun down now or I will take it from you." Christopher growled his shoulders bunching up under his coat. 

"Seriously listen to the jar head." Matthew  tried to soothe the situation. "He just got back from another tour in Iraq Nic. Put the gun down. " 

"I am not going to leave myself or my son vulnerable. If you want me to put mine down I need all of you in uniform to leave your guns in the cars. Then and only then may you come onto the porch and we can talk." She glared hard at the group. "You have 5 seconds to decide."

Ryan looked at Matthew, Joshua and Christopher and un locked the latch over his gun sliding it out of the holster removing the mag and dropping both into the driver seat.  The motion was repeated through out the group until all the guns except Nicoles where out of reach. 

She nodded and clicked the safety on hers before holstering it and walking to the porch. Pulling out the extra chairs she sat down on the swing and crossed her legs. "You wanted to talk?" 

I always wanted a swing on the porch. She had laughed, Ryan remebered how sweet the sound had been as she doodled the scene on a piece of notebook paper. A porch swing with lillacs and roses climbing up a trellis. 

Ryan took the seat closest to the swing. Matthew sat on the rail. Sarah stayed standing leaning against Jonathan who had taken a spot against the wall. 

Christopher sat behind Ryan eyes alert on every detail even as Kayla took the next chair and did the same peeking at the window to see picture frames inside, all of them filled with either flowers or a little boy. Heather moved towards the swing "is it ok if I sit here?" She asked akwardly. 

"Sure." Nicole shrugged scootching over to make room. 

"So what exactly did you want to talk about?". Nicole asked fidgiting with her hoodie. 

"Where were you born?" Heather jumped in.

"I don't know." Nicole sighed.

"How do you not know where you were born?" Christopher asked.

"Well mr. Smart ass when you are in a serious car accident just about 2 1/2 years ago and sustain... What did they call it? Serious brain damage? And then end up pregnant and have no idea who the father is because you can't remember who you are much less who you've slept with, you know the main thing on my mind is where I was born. Not how in the hell I'm going to handel everything, much less take care of a kid." The whole rush of emotion was unexpected, much more of what she had initially exhibited in the hospital. 

"2 1/2 years ago?" Heather squeaked.  No one ever called, or even brought it up when they started the missing persons paper work, but if she setteled here made a life for herself that was probably why they dismissed the investigation. Assumed she was ok and would contact them when she wanted to. She was going to kick the swallows bay police cheifs ass. 

"Yes." Nicole sighed part of her gut turned inside out on its self. She really wished they hadn't found her, that she didn't have to straight lie to their faces about her memories. 

Rolling over in bed next to Ryan, kissing him before he got on his flight for training and then being deployed. Dropping Heather off at her last year of nursing school,  helping Sarah  and Jonathan pack for their internships in New York. The car accident had changed everything, put her life on a whole diffrent course.

"Do you remember anything from your past?"Joshua was asking.

"No nothing..." She answered rubbing her temples with her finger tips. Christophers eye caught on the silver filigree ring she was wearing. Kayla, Sarah and Heather all had the exact same ring. He had bought it for them at his AIT in Georgia. It was her, even in all the amnesia cases he heard of familier things brought back some recognition. 

"That's a nice ring." He smiled making sure he drew the others attention to it. They were on the right trail, or woman per say. 

"Thank you." Nicole smiled. Brushing back her brown locks. "Wonderful timing." Her eyes caught on the blue and red flashing lights from the road. 2 rustic cop cars pulled up behind the parking lot of cars in her driveway. 

"Are you alright darlin?" An older voice broke in on the intercom. 

"I'm fine sheriff." She waved at the car. "They were just leaving."

Ryan stood up and started towards the car. "Who called?" He asked as the slightly portly older man climbed out of the squad car. 

"Her sitter. She was panicked when she saw her being cornered." He scanned the BDUs. "Sheriff Lawson." He held out his hand.

"Ryan Mcpherson." He nodded taking the mans hand. "Army, " he pointed out the others "Marines, Air force National Guard and Navy. Nurse editor, journalist and counsoler. We recognized Nicole and needed to talk to her." 

"You knew her from before? " The older mans eyes lit up. 

"We thought we did." Ryan scanned over the mans features,"do you have the information on the accident on file?"

"Yes we do back at the station. Would you like to stop by tomorrow?" He raised a brow. "Maybe you can help me find out what she has been so scared of."

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