Just like a Tattoo by ForgottenPassions

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“Do you have an appointment?” The secratary asked checking her computer. 

“No i dont.” Ryan grumbled, “The sheriff told me to come in and talk to him regarding Ms. Delarosa’s car accident.”

“Oh ok. One second.” she beamed and picked up her phone. “Sheriff? we have 2 military men requesting to speak to you about Nicoles car accident,” 
Ryan looked at Christopher and rolled his eyes. This was going to take awhile. Not 2 seconds later the blonde waved them in the door behind her.  “Or not.”

The sheriff was sitting at his mahogany desk, files stacked and anged oddly all over it. “Glad your early morning boys.” he nodded taking off his glasses and sliding open a file. 

“Is that it.” Christopher already knew the answer but pulled it towards him anyways.

“Who was involved?” Ryan asked scanning the file over Christophers shoulder.

“Nicole was coming back from a tatoo parlor, the designs on the second page, had to take pictures off all the damages to her from it.” he  flipped open his notes. “The driver of the other car was.... Michale Molenger said the brakes seized up on the old as hell ford. ”

“Michale Molenger?” Christophers voice became solid ice.

“Something was off with that guy.” the Sheriff continued not seeing the look they exchanged across the table. “He kept apologizing the whole time and when she woke up with no memory he was her guard, especialy when she was told she was pregenant.”

“When exactly was her child born?” Ryans voice was agraveling hiss, they had made love just before he left.

“He was born 7 months after the accident, slightly premature, her doctors where very sure about him being premature because of the turbulance from the accident.” the sheriff checked the dates. “Quinn  Ryan Delarosa was born September 15th, original due date November 20th.” 

“Did they ever do a paternity test?” Ryan spat. 

“There was no need at the time, Nicole and Michale tho didnt last long after he was born. About 2 months later they had a huge fight and she threw him out on his ass.” The Sheriff grinned “Took her to long in my opinion.”

“So hold on he hit her and then clamied they were a couple and the baby was his?” Christopher  stared ubelivingly at the papers. 

“We had no evidence to the contrary, he  had her information memorized, knew what her plans for the day were.” He ran his hand through salt and pepper hair. “Said she was estranged from her family and would contact them when she had regained her memory. Didnt want to burden them with it.” 

“And you belived him?” Ryans voice reverberated off the walls of the small office.

“No i didnt but when all my letters were returned “no sender avliable” i had no other ways of contacting you.” he sheriff raised an eyebrow.

“4 of us where deployed, 2 on a honeymoon and then moved and the other 3 were at college.” Christopher explained, “Ryan look at this tattoo.” he held up the image of  Nicoles lower back. The string of tribal art and the american flag surrounded by diffrent symbols and initials with small gashes and smudges in the skin.

“Was this the surprise you think Heather had mentiond Nicole talking about?” he pointed out the symbols. “One for each of us.”

“Did she ever explain it to you?” Ryan shoved the picture to the sheriff. 

“No she didnt, i did have a deputys wife tell me she added to it about 2 months after Quinn was born said it must have meant somthing to her when she got it may as well add to it. I think things like that must have triggered some kind of memory, because it was that night she booted Michale out.”

“Thats no conicidence.”  Christopher sighed flipping to the picture of her hand which had several damaged fingers and bruises,“did she always wear this ring?” he pointed out the gift. 

“Yes, panicked when the doctor took it off to put the cast on.” he shook his head. “I was there she started crying and screaming i strung it on a chain for her to wear until her hand was better. Michale tried to get her to throw it away said it was a bad history but she wouldnt let him.”

“Do you know where he is?” Ryan took a copy of the picture from the folder. 

“He has been in the wind since just after that week. Got thrown out and implicated in a major drug bust. Will come into town every once and awhile stay long enough to  stir up a little drama Nicole would be in tears by the time he left, cant hide much in this small of a town.”

“Except for the world class secret keeper.” Ryan sighed. “Can we keep this?”

“Yea sure we closed it awhile back.” The sheriff waved. “If you can find out what the hell was up with that creep let me know i’d love to arrest him.”

Ryan and Christopher shook his hand before leaving, climbing into the car Christopher flipped open the file. “We are gonna have to show the others this. She never explained what exactly she was getting done.”

“You want to do that before or after we tell them Michale Molenger is out of prision and was the reason she didnt contact us for 2 and a half years?” Ryan spat gunning the ignition.

“Heather, Kayla and Sarah are going to kill him.” Christopher cracked his knuckles. 

“Not just them.”

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