Just like a Tattoo by ForgottenPassions

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Nicole was pacing around the kitchen, Quinn was eating his breakfast in his high chair cereal  spilled all over the tray. She readjusted her sweat shirt over her night gown, continuing to pace as she repeatedly checked out the window. 

“Antsy because i am home or anxious because they are in town?” Michale asked, leaning against the kitchen door. His eyes panned up and down her body enjoying her in just a night gown and a sweat shirt.

“I am antsy because it damn well looks like you are considering starting a dog fighting arena in my back yard!” She yelled. 

“Stop yelling baby.” He smiled reaching out to smooth her hair.

“Do NOT CALL ME THAT!” she bellowed storming out of the kitchen. “You dont have the right to call me that.”

“You remember our arrangement?” He snarled pinning her up against the wall grabbing her wrists he pinned them over her head using his hips to keep her from squirming. 

“It said nothing about shoving me and my son into the middle of the  illegal actions.” she spat in his face. 

“You are mine,” he continued to growl running his free hand up her thigh  under her night gown, pulled his hand back and smacking her thigh hard enough to sting. “The point here is i can do what ever i want and you can do nothing to stop me.” his hand went all the way up forcing her legs open tightening his grip  around her wrists.


The filing of the paper work took all day, and Jonathan and Sarah had been taking shifts at the resteraunt waiting for her to come in. Kristyn had finally explained that she had called in sick and  she needed to be left alone. Heather had shown up then and spilled her guts about what they were doing here. 

Kristyn stared at her gaping some. “You girls want to come in back?” She asked standing up and dusting her hands on her apron.

“Sure.” Heather and Sarah nodded following in suit to the back office. 

“I always wondered what happened.” She smiled brushing a grey strand behind her ear. “She showed up here looking for a job, just after Quinn was born.”

“And?” Heather  wished none of this was happening, wished that her sister hadnt dissapeared, had a child and she hadnt even been there for her.

“She was trying to piece herself together, the first few weeks i found her in tears in the walk-in. Also everytime after Michale showed up for a visit.” She continued, “Her son is such a cutie, I hope you guys are her family, just because as much as she dose for our company, she needs this.”

“Thank you.” Heather sighed, some form of her sanity slipping back.

“I have a question for you.” Sarah  un-corssed and crossed her legs. 

“Anything.” the older woman smiled.
“Did she ever say anything about her life before? Ever indicate she wanted to go back if she could ever find it?” Sarah asked.

“She never said she wanted to go back directly,” she started. “There was one night, we had a few drinks after a particularly stressful party. ”

“What did she say so inderectly?” Heather brushed her hair behind her ear fidgiting with her scrubs. 

“If she could ever escape, she would run as fast as she could. I asked what she meant the next morning,” she shrugged, “fed me some bull about the amnesia feeling like a tower she was trapped in some fairytale but no prince charming to show up and rescue her.”

“Rapunzel.” Heather smiled.

“Prince charming in general.” Sarah sighed reaching for Heathers hand and squeezing it. “Thank you for your time.”

“Let me know how it goes please.” Kristyn smiled, “I’d love to get to know the people who helped turn her into the woman we love.”


Christopher and joshua where borde out of their minds. Heather and Sarah had called and told the womans who worked with her's referance to prince charming.  This was becoming rather pointless. Joshua thought bitterly. He wasent used to beating around the bush, never had been never would be.

He checked and rechecked his side arm, making sure there was one in chamber before holstering it again.  "Are we heading out to her place yet? "

"I swear you guys are even more impatient then a bunch of preschoolers." Michale rolled his eyes sliding into the back seat.

"Says the squid, all you guys are is a bunch of preschoolers with expensive toys." Christopher smirked starting the engine.

"Where as jarheads are only around on the boats so we have someone to dance with. " Michale snapped from the back.

"How much more emergency leave did you guys wrangle?" Joshua asked checking his phone for emails from his CO.

"2 weeks." Michale commented from the back seat.

"Same. But I have to check in every 3 days." Christopher re-adjusted his sunglasses turning onto the country road passing a silver mercedes as he took the bumps in a cloud of dust.

"Ryan probably as well. Though I have no idea how many days before he called us he was on leave." Michale gripped onto the 'oh shit' handels in the back of the suv 6 foot 5 frame conking on the roof of the vehical.

"Who knows." Joshua shrugged as they pulled up infront of the house. Ryans car was already parked and Kayla, Heather, Sarah and Jonathan where leaning against the hood.

"Where's Ryan baby girl?"Michale climbed out of the vehical wrapping his arms around his wife.

"Inside with Nicole." She shrugged curling herself into his chest.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly smoothing his hand down her back.

"I want my sister back." She sighed tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I know love." He continued soothing her knowing the sobs wernt far behind. "Boys can I borrow the car?"

"Sure. " Chrisopher and Joshua climbed out heading for the other car as Heather and Michale climbed in the back seat.

"If they have a quickie in my back seat I'm gonna hose um." Christopher laughed throwing his arm around Sarah.

"Not like we didn't have to hose you down those years ago." Sarah pulled the loose strands of black hair out from under his arm.

"What me?" He winked a pale green eye teasingly.

"Yes you." She rolled her eyes and slapped his chest.

"You know I'm pretty sure we found her this time." Michale smiled pulling his wife into his chest in the back of the suv.

"I would agree hunny, but why dosent she remember?" Heathers tears were coming in full force. "She is my big sister she should remember me!"

"I know, I don't know why she dosent. You of all people know how traumatic head injuries and amnesia work." He smiled kissing her hair.

"I don't care! We are the exception to every other rule she should be to this one to damn it!"She bawled curling her hands in his shirt.

"Life dosent work that way." Michale wanted to laugh, there where some days she was so unresonable it was the only thing he could do. He held his tounge as she finally subsided into dry heaves.

"I'm so sick of crying over this." She sniffled. "If she isn't her I am giving up. "

Michale raised an eyebrow and looked down meeting her bloodshot eyes. "You sure?"

"Yes." She nodded. "What in the hell is going on in there?"



Ryan started at her waiting for her to say something. Yell at him even for not knocking because she was so obviously indisposed. The robe was torn in several places and her cheeks were red, wether it be from her hands scrubbing them or tears he didn't know and the instincts he hadn't fought in their relationship growled preadtorily. 

"I am going to guess you saw the sheriff?" She didn't look at him, her voice was calmn, well not calmn. More trained then anything. 

"Yes." He put the court order on the table. 

"So when is it due to be processed?" She asked rubbing her palm up her arm pushing back the material and he saw the purpleing red grasp marks on her arms. 

"Has he been  doing that the whole time?" He tried to keep his tone past the red blocking his vision. 

"No." She sighed reaching behind her and grasping the paper work pulling it across her lap. "We can go down there in 20 minutes just let me get dressed." She looked over at him and sighe. Her eyes were blood shot, he thought bitterly. 

"If you would like you can introduce Quinn to his aunts and Uncles." She started past him, to tired to force the facade again.

His hand snaked out and grabbed her arm, gently he had no idea how many more marks where covered by terry cloth.

"Feel like sharing Nicole?" He asked meeting her eyes.

She dropped her gaze panning from his sand colored combat boots to acu collar. "What exactly do you want from me? If you say the truth I may well punch you. Government property assualt charges or not. "

"Well then swing away cause that's exactly what I want." He had no idea wether to laugh or scream she had been lying, she knew exactly who they were.

"Yes I can see those little knobs clicking together in there." She reached up and tapped his skull. "Why did you have to find me?"

"Did you really ever think I'd stop looking for you?" He asked a small smile gracing his lips, a sight she had missed ever since she remembered who he was. It broke her heart. "You can't keep lying, not to me, or your sister especialy when your somehow tied to..." He stopped when her face froze. 

"Why didn't you call? Get ahold of one of us? Your packing why not take him out?" He asked bitterly. 

"Mommy?" The little boy asked from the bottom of the stairs. 

"I have a reason, I always do." She spat. "And I hate myself every damn day I've deprived my son of his real father." She jabbed him in the chest. "But I didn't know till after he was born."

"Get dressed come outside and you can tell us all at once." He smirked. "Sound good babygirl?"

She nodded looking up at him, tears brimming on the edge of her lashes. He wrapped a hand around her waist pulling her against his chest. 

She didn't fight, this wasent Michael. This was Ryan and just inhaling his cologne again made her melt against his chest wrapping her arms around his shoulders she pulled him closer for a kiss. He met her full force keeping her body against his as he found the wall pinning her back against it as he hitched her leg up over his hip robe sliding down as his hands greedliy spanned the soft skin. 

"Mommy!" The hollar was more persitiant. She pulled back just enough to break their lips contact. She ran her hand down his cheek. 

"Later." She smilled warmly, before untangeling herself from him. 

" Hey quinn." She smiled as the little guy walked in back pack slung over his small shoulders. "You remember ryan right? He's gonna take you to meet some people while mommy changes ok?"

The little boy looked up and grinned. "Yes mommy!"

"Now be good ok?" She looked at them both. 

"when am I ever not?" Ryan gave her a mock look of innocence. Nicole gestured toward the 2 year old. "And you wonder why I said it." Ryan looked and had to stifel a laugh, there was a mirror copy of the look on his sons face, one he was sure he'd mimicked since birth.

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