Wailing Siren, Scheming Demon by Claire Evergreen

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In the distance, a siren began to wail. The kids playing on the street froze as the warning sounded over and over again. Frantic parents appeared at the doors and called the kids in. All around, curtains parted as anxious faces looked around for what was happening. There was nothing within miles that would require a siren. This was your stereotypical, perfect suburban town.

The siren continued its ear piercing shriek as doors were locked and curtains pulled shut. The street seemed deserted and everyone retreated within their uniform homes. Slowly, the siren stopped and quiet enveloped the town. Nothing, not even the birds or wind, made a noise. It was if the whole place had died in an instant.

Only one sound permeated the silence and echoed through the deserted streets. The sharp click of heels hitting the ground grew louder and louder as it came closer to the street. Suddenly, as if it had appeared out thin air, a cloaked figure emerged at the head of the street.

The face of the person was obscured by the shadow from its hood, while the rest of the cloak fell to the toe of the person's pitch black boots. Slowly, what seemed to be the face tilted upwards to read the signpost announcing the street name.

The person stood as still as a statue, unnaturally unmoving. The person raised her hand ever so slightly, ruining the image of a life-like sculpture. Almost immediately, another cloaked figure appeared in the street. It looked up and down the street before its eyes rested on the other figure.

"Divine Avenue? You couldn't have picked a more ironic spot, Lethlye," the new person growled in a deep, masculine voice, at the same time, reaching up to lower its hood.

At first glance, the person was the typical man in his early twenties with tousled blonde hair and tan skin. Once someone saw his eyes, however, it was a different story. They were liquid gold, almost molten. They gave off light, but not the comforting natural kind; they gave off the harsh light of direct sunlight.

The other person made no move to show they had heard the man. Instead, it focused its attention on the surrounding area. "Did you receive the message, Equirne?" Lethlye asked briskly. The voice was distinctly feminine, almost melodic.

Equirne nodded and drew his hand out of his cloak. He waved it and a smoky image appeared in front of the two people. The image cleared and it was easy to see the different cloaked forms traveling through each picture. The image flicked from place to place, each confirming Lethlye's thoughts.

Equirne waved his hand again and the hazy projection faded. "The other demons have been freed as well. Soon, we will be able to overtake the Divines and their so called heroes," he sneered, emphasizing the last word in dislike.

Lethlye nodded and turned back towards the place where the siren seemed to have echoed from. "Soon," she whispered, her voice full of anticipation.

Equrine cleared his throat, asking, "Um, how exactly are we supposed to stop those heroes? We don't even know who they are or how we are going to sway them."

Lethlye replied, "You can just leave that to me." She reached up and drew back her hood. If Equrine had appeared obviously inhuman, Lethlye was three times as obvious. Her skin was dark green and scaled like a snake and her hair was red flames. Her eyes were bright yellow with black slits for pupils.

Equrine shifted uncomfortably and rubbed the back of his neck. "Just how are you supposed to convince those kids that you are human?"

Lethlye laughed, a high, tinkling sound, not at all what you would associate with her appearance. "Oh, Equirne, you under estimate my powers," she purred. As she finished talking, her look started to morph. Her skin changed into smooth, tan human skin and her hair changed from flames to dark auburn tresses. The yellow snake eyes melded into soft, open hazel eyes. In the span of thirty seconds, Lethlye had morphed form full-blown demon to regular high school girl.

Equirne shook his head. "You have many tricks up your sleeves," he complimented.

Lethlye smirked. "That's why I am the leader, not you," she quipped. She turned to look down the street, seeming to close the conversation.

Equirne sighed and started to walk down the street. He turned the corner and Lethlye could see the tail end of his black cloak before it, along with Equirne, disappeared.

Lethlye turned her face to the sky and raised her arms. "You have been in power too long," she shouted, her form slowly melting back to that of a demon. "Soon, you shall fall, never again to be in control. My demons and I shall rule the universe, destroying your petty little heroes. The world will fall into chaos and mayhem and you won't be able to do anything about it!"

Her voice echoed commandingly through the streets. When she lowered her hands, an outline of a face appeared in clouds, almost if on command. The expression was one of hatred and seemed to send one message to Lethlye.

Come and try us...

The clouds shifted and the face disappeared. Lethlye lowered her gaze and nodded, as if she had confirmed something. She strode down the street and rounded the same corner Equrine had disappeared down. Before she moved out of view, she snapped her fingers, and passed out of sight.

As Lethlye disappeared around the corner, the world seemed to turn back on. Parents let kids back outside, windows were thrown wide open, traffic continued.

It was the feeling that had changed, though. All throughout the air, the people could somehow still feel the call of the siren.


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