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Title: Imprints in Red by Mangagirl
Rated: Mature [Reviews - 4]

When you know your every move is being watched, when you know that whatever you do, you will pay the price for your actions, you eventually learn to stick closely by the rules laid down for you. 

But what if one day, you slip up and are directly in the firing line for a crime that you had nothing to do with. Would you run away? Would you save yourself?

Would you return, risking your life, just to stop everything you hold dear going down in flames?

Category: Dystopian, Fantasy/Sci Fi
Chapters: 6 | Completed: No | Word count: 21244 | Read count: 128
Published: 16 Aug 2012 | Updated: 10 Sep 2012 [Report This]

Reviewer: orderofthephoenix Signed
Date: 17 Aug 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Life is Dark

Your summary caught my eye so I decided to read the first chapter and I was quickly drawn in. I'm interested in the plot so far and want to see how it progresses. :) The setting and characters remind me of THG a little; I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. You did call Gabe 'Gale' once though. :P I quite like the futuristic names you've chosen and the purpose of Unit. I noticed some spelling/grammar mistakes that if fixed, would greatly add to the quality of the chapter. Perhaps consider requesting a beta on the FC forums? Off to read the next chapter! :) 


Author's Response:

Ah boo, I didn't call Gabe that did I? I was hoping it wouldn't be too much like THG but later on it will be drawn away from that. Thanks for being the first reviewer though!

Emma x

Reviewer: orderofthephoenix Signed
Date: 17 Aug 2012 Title: Chapter 2: Belladonna

Ooh, things are getting interesting! I'm intrigued by this little girl and I'm sure there's more to the tale than she told. And what's going to happen to Esther now? Someone must have seen what she did. Looking forward to updates! :)


Author's Response:

Thank you! Yeah, this is where things do start to happen!

Emma x

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